about me

me in a nutshell
Exploring how philosophy, literature, technology, and economics influence ways of life. I'm not quite a luddite but am skeptical of how some technologies make our lives and communities better and others potentially make it worse.

I graduated from Davidson College with a degree in economics, convinced that the liberal arts curriculum would help me figure out what I wanted to do for work. I haven't quite figured it out yet.

At the moment, I work on banking & technology projects that aim to make financial products better and more fair for consumers.

what I spend my time doing
1. Read books (currently reading)
2. Ride my bike

3. Write to understand my thinking
4. Drink coffee

what I care about
1. Meaningful time in the outdoors
2. Connecting with others in authentic, sometimes vulnerable ways
3. Stories and perspectives that change how I think
4. Companies / technologies tackling climate and social equity problems

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